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Source: xkcd 2143

How much disk space am I using?

With the command du (disk usage) you can see how big a particular file or directory is, for example du -sh ~ to see how much space your home directory takes up.

How much free space is there?

With the command df you can see how much space there is on a particular disk partition, for example df -h ~ to see how much space is free where your home directory is.

Save space

Some files are very much bigger than other, so use these tips to find big files that you haven’t used for a long time.

Maybe there are files there you can delete, store somewhere else, or at least compress.

Note that while rm really removes files Move to Trash in the graphical user interface will just move them, so no space is freed until you empty your trash.

To empty that trash from the command line use autotrash -d 5 (or with some other number) to delete everything that’s been in the trash for 5 days (or some other number of days).