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The three main mailing lists here are masters for the Master students, stp for the STP students, and staff for those working at the department (sometimes with guests added), all of them @cl.lingfil.uu.se.

All users are expected to be subscribed to at least one of those lists, and you will get monthly reminders about your subscriptions.

The address all goes to subscribers of all three of those lists.

Only addresses at lingfil.uu.se can join the lists, so as student use the address USERNAME@cl.lingfil.uu.se.


There is also a list seminars where invites to seminars are sent. That is open for others as well, for example former students and researchers at other departments. You can subscribe yourself to it at the web interface.

More mailing lists

If you need other mailing lists @cl.lingfil.uu.se please contact admin! They can be set up so you can administrate them over the web.