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(Denna sida finns bara på engelska.)

When you want to use these computers from the outside connect with ssh to the server numerus.lingfil.uu.se. That computer also has shorter aliases you can use, primarily cl.lingfil.uu.se.

(If you work here and have one of these computers in your room you can preferably connect to that one instead. Also if you are sitting in one of the computer rooms with a laptop you can connect to the one you have right in front of you. But most of the time avoid connecting to those computers. If someone sits down at that computer they are supposed to have it for themselves.)


If you have a Unix compatible system like GNU/Linux you will have ssh on it. You can run it as

ssh -Y username@cl.lingfil.uu.se

For graphical programs that create windows to work you need to have an X.Org X Window System (or equivalent) running on your computer. With GNU/Linux you will have that. With macOS take a look at XQuartz for that.

The Windows 10 April 2018 update included a preinstalled OpenSSH client.

If you upgraded from an earlier version of Windows 10 you may need to manually enable it. See instructions about that here.

(Before that the most commonly used option for those using Microsoft Windows was to use Putty.)

That gives you a terminal window. To run programs that show windows the most common server to use is Xming X Server for Windows.

Using Xming

When I used Xming on a Microsoft Windows laptop in January 2022 I got an error ssh_askpass: posix_spawn: No such file or directory. To avoid I had to do mkdir \dev and echo x >\dev\tty (once). (I got help from here.)

Then I had to do set DISPLAY=localhost:0 before doing ssh -Y, or otherwise DISPLAY wouldn't be set on the other end as well. This way DISPLAY got a working value so that graphical programs could be run on the CLUU computer, showing windows on the laptop.

(With the ssh client that comes with Putty instead I didn’t need to do the last thing.)

Maybe this will help someone else? /Per