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(Denna sida finns bara på engelska.)

The most commonly used protocol for transferring files here is scp. It belongs together with ssh and is often installed together with it.

The syntax is similar to that for cp:

  scp from to

Here from and to can be local filenames or look like computer:filename or username@computer:filename (for when you have a different username on the other computer). (So if a user ellen here right now is sitting at another computer she can copy a file foo.htm there to be ~ellen/public_html/foo.html here with

scp foo.htm ellen@cl.lingfil.uu.se:public_html/foo.html

To fetch a file from another computer it will instead be the first argument to scp that will be longer one.

MS Windows

Microsoft Windows does not include an SCP client, so if you want to copy files from your Microsoft Windows computer you need to install one first. One option is pscp which is part of Putty. You can download it from here.