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Some of the programming languages that are available on the CLUU system. This isn’t documentation about them, but just short notices of how things are locally here.

[C and C++] [Perl] [Prolog] [Python]

C and C++

cc runs gcc, which is the GNU Compiler Collection. [Official page]

c++ runs g++ which is the C++ that is part of GCC.


There is a lot of information on Perl at www.perl.com and The Perl Institute. Of particular interest here is maybe Larry Wall’s text about Perl & Lingustics.


The command prolog (or swipl) here runs SWI-Prolog. There is also GNU Prolog (gprolog) and an older version (3.8.3) of SICStus Prolog (sicstus).

Prolog and Emacs

Traditionally filenames ending with .pl has been used for Prolog, but nowadays it is more commonly used for Perl, and that is what Emacs normally will assume for such a file.

To avoid confusion, use .pro for Prolog files instead. Then Prolog Mode will automatically be used for them.