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Automatic updates are done all the time on the computers. When the system kernel (Linux) is updated the system may need to be rebooted, but to minimize inconvenience for you it will not restart at once, but instead tell you about it (by mail) and wait for you to logout first.

It is important that you do this as soon as possible. Kernel updates are sometimes because of newly discovered security problems, with varying degree of graveness. If you don’t have specific knowledge about which kernel update it is about and what the changes in it are, it is good to assume the worst case scenario, which is a very important security update.

If several users are logged in the restart won’t happen until everyone has logged out. On kasus and tempus you can get information about when the computer has been restarted by creating a file named as your username in the directory /kasus/tellme or /tempus/tellme, respectively.

Remote logout

You can check and remove the processes you are running on a computer with ssh without going to it. Say for example that your username is ellen and you get a message that you are logged in to futurum. One way to see from another computer belonging to the system what processes you have running on futurum is:

ssh futurum pstree -p ellen

You can kill all your processes there with:

ssh futurum killall -u ellen

To do this from a computer that is not part of our system you need to start with ssh ellen@futurum.lingfil.uu.se instead. Again, ellen is your username in the examples. Use your actual username! And use the actual name of the computer and not necessarily futurum.

This is too much trouble for me!

If you create a file .restart_my_computer in your home directory you are exempt from this. If the computer needs to be restarted it will be restarted instead of waiting for you to logout first.