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The class cluu is used for student theses with an option thesis, so it would begin


(Just thesis is short for thesis=master, and thesis=bachelor is also possible for a bachelor's thesis.)

See files in /local/doc/tex/thesis for a short example thesis about palindromes with this output (pdf).

Maybe you will have use for something in the LaTeX for linguistics page. Certainly you will use citations and bibliographies, with the local style for it, which is also called cluu.

(Earlier versions of this class was called stupp.).

On your own computer

To use this you need all the files in /local/doc/tex/cluu/ .

Note though that \documentclass[thesis]{cluu} by default uses the fonts that are part of the graphical profile of Uppsala University. These are \emph{not} free fonts and are generally not available elsewhere. The easiest options if you want to work on your own computer are:

  • To ssh into the CLUU system and do the TeXing here
  • To use some other fonts (for example with \documentclass[thesis,fonts=libertine]{cluu}) first, and then change to the right fonts only at the end of writing which you do here.