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StartTeX och LaTeX


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you get the typefaces that are part of the graphic profile of Uppsala University – Berling antikva and Gill Sans.

Also a math font is chosen to go well together with Berling antikva, even though the graphical profile doesn’t say anything specific about math fonts.

The package takes an option nomath which makes it so that no math fonts are loaded.

To use this an another computer

The class as such is just a short file, uufonts.sty, but to make it work you need to have those fonts as well. They are not free, and can be complicated to install anyway, so this is probably best used only here.

To use it with the class cluu

The class cluu (as its predecessor stupp) has an option fonts for font settings. With fonts=uu this will be used.

When using the thesis option for writing a thesis fonts=uu will be the default.