English logga in



(Denna sida finns bara på engelska.)


Our usernames usually consist of some letters from the first name and some from the last name.

External students normally get the same username as on Upunet-S, but it’s still a separate account with another password than that.

Full name

You can’t change that yourself. If you change name, or it should be changed for other reasons, contact admin about that.


The password can be changed with the shell command passwd. (The way to change password in the graphical environment unfortunately doesn’t work with the way we are handling the user database.)

Don’t use bad passwords, for example real words (in any language). It can be good to mix small and big letters and some digit or punction as well.


You can have a profile picture on the system, but the normal way of changing it (from the menus) doesn’t work well in a distributed environment such as ours. If you try it you will change your profile picture on just one of the computers.

To set a profile picture for all of them instead put an image file in your home directory with the name .face (note the period at the start). Such a profile picture will also be used in the maps of the computer rooms.