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The system is for those who work and study here. When you are no longer doing that you can keep your user account here for some time, but not indefinitely.

The best thing is if you tell yourself when you are done here and don’t need your user account anymore. Send mail to Otherwise you will eventually get questions about that.

If your account has been removed, but there were files there that you would have liked to keep but hadn’t saved, tell admin as soon as possible! Your files may still be available from backups.


Make sure you are available on your email address here! Everyone who has a login here should be reachable by mail, so make sure your mail is forwarded to some address that works. If you don’t answer your mail or if it bounces your account will be treated as inactive and will eventually be removed.

So if you get a question about what the status of your account here is, make sure to answer it. Maybe you have a break in your studies and are not sure if you will get back. We are generous when things are the least unclear, and even otherwise you can get plenty of time to take care of files you want to save, but please answer, or your account will be treated as inactive!

Disk space

If you have an account that is sort of inactive, make sure you don’t take up a lot of resources meanwhile, for example disk space. See these tips on how to compress big files and other ways to keep your disk usage down.