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We have a Subversion repository. To use that you need a special svn user with the same name as your login username, but with another password. If you already have that you can read your svn password in a file with your name in /local/svn/passwords.

(If you do not have that but want to have it, then ask admin!)

Everyone can read and write in all. You can for example do

svn co svn://cl/all/test
to check out a test folder from it. Feel free to change things there. It uses the folders trunk/branches/tags as in these recommendations, but that’s not necessary.

If you are running this on a computer outside of the CLUU system then replace cl with the full name cl.lingfil.uu.se in this and other svn commands.

Create your own project

You can create your own projects under all for cooperation. Technically everyone can write there, but in many cases that is not a problem. (If incorrect changes are made one of the points of version control is that you can revert changes.)

If you are creating a project foo and you already have the files that should go there in a folder bar then write something like

svn import bar svn://cl/all/foo -m 'New project foo'

If you start from scratch one way is to import from an empty folder.

To put your project outside of all, with a possibility to state exactly who can write and who can read the files there, contact admin!