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(Denna sida finns bara på engelska.)


You can start Firefox, because it complains about the profile already being used? Or you want to run several Firefoxes? See here!


The normal CLUU server cl.lingfil.uu.se is the local web server here as well. (Its real name is numerus.)

To publish on the web create a subfolder public_html to your home folder and put the files there. If you have a file index.html there it will be the main page for that folder. So for example if your username is ellen (it isn’t!) then https://cl.lingfil.uu.se/~ellen/ is the URL to you home page, which normally is in the file ~ellen/public_html/index.html. If you username is something else (it is!) it works analogously.

The web server on numerus is Apache. (It is the most common web server on the net.)

Character encoding

Tell the web server which character encoding your files have!


To use CGI programs in a subfolder to your public_html you need to write directives in a file .htaccess in that folder, for example:

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .py

(In this example the CGI programs are Python programs. That could of course be some other filename extension.)