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Locked Firefox

Firefox cannot use the profile "default" because it is in
     use. To continue, close the running instance of Firefox or
     choose a different profile.

If you get this message you might have a running Firefox already, maybe on another computer. Are you logged in somewhere that you have forgotten about? Maybe you are logged in somewhere in Chomsky or Turing? Another way is to check with rwho -a. Otherwise you can find the information about where the lock is in your directory .mozilla/firefox/something.default. There is lock which is a symbolic link. In a long listing it looks something like

lrwxrwxrwx.  1 ellen  ellen      21 May 24 09:41 lock ->

Here is the IP address of the computer where the lock is. With host you can find its name.

But I am not using Firefox there!

If this Firefox was terminated in an bad way (maybe a computer crash) the lock file can be there even though there is no process. Then you can remove that lock and the empty file .parentlock in the same directory. Then you can start Firefox.

But I want to run several Firefoxes

You can do that, on the same or on different computers, but then these must you different profiles. Start you other Firefox from the terminal with

firefox -no-remote -P
and state some other profile (which you first create if you don’t already have it).