Uppsala universitet  

Machine Translation, 7.5 HP / 5 HP, Autumn 2018
Mid-term evaluation

The mid-term evaluation was held during the lecture on September 24, where the students were asked to hand in feedback on paper.


The most common comment was that the assignments have been enjoyable and rewarding, and that it is good not to have to write reports for every assignment. Many students are also happy with the joint discussions at the end of each session. Sara: I'm happy that the change to oral examination has worked so well

Some more specific comments about assignments:

  • The lectures are sometimes given too early with respect to the labs (This was on purpose, to allow some leeway in case a lecture had to be canceled. And there were also a limited number of slots available for the course.)
  • Some people do not contribute to the final discussion. (The examination is not only in the final discussion, we make sure that we talk to all students during the session too. But of course it would be appreciated if more students wanted to talk during the final session.)
  • Good to have help during lab and assignment sessions

The lectures are overall appreciated, and by several students perceived as well-structured. Some students wish for more exercises and examples, especially for other language pairs. Some students wants more practical exercises. (The example languages are a bit limited by the knowledge of the instructor, unfortunately. I think it is worth considering more practical exercises for next year.)

Some students wants more focus on state-of-the-art methods, especially NMT. Others do appreciate the step-by-step nature in going through the different SMT models, though. (We have increased this compared to last year, but we will keep discussing this for future versions of the course.)

Other comments:

  • Make sure that lecture slides are online. (All are at the moment. Sorry about the delay for some of the lectures.)
  • The speed of the course is good
  • Try not to repeat the phrase "you should know this" (I'm sorry if we used this phrase, and we will try to avoid it.)
  • We want to know more about the scope of the project soon. (I would have hoped that it would be relatively clear by now. But the work should amount to around half the course, so around two weeks of full-time work per student, a bit less for 5-credit students.)

overall most comments are positive, and there is nothing that needs changing at the moment. In case you feel you need more information about your projects, talk to Sara this week, or to your project supervisors!