Uppsala universitet  

Individual work in Machine Translation
5LN711 (7.5 credits)


Your individual work will be focused around a theoretical topic. You will read research articles related to your topic, and write a report and give an individual presenation of it.

Each student will choose a topic to work on. A list of potential topics can be found below, but you are also welcome to propose your own topic. Once you have decided on a topic, email Sara with your choice. Maximum two persons can work on each topic, you will see below when someone has been assinged to a topic. The topics will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

  • Lingusitics in (N)MT (Natalia)
  • Document-level MT (Marufa)
  • Domain adaptation (Xuemei)
  • Factored translation (Ugo)
  • Zero-shot translation (Fleur)
  • Multilingual translation
  • Back translation (for NMT) (Hartger, Jun)
  • Translation for low-resource languages (Rizal, Adam)
  • Word order / reordering (mainly for SMT)
  • Syntactical/tree-based SMT
  • Speech translation (Giuseppe)
  • Automatic post-editing of MT (Camilla)
  • Quality estimation (Luise)
  • Test suites for MT evaluation
  • Your own choice

For each topic you should use the course literature and/or research articles to get introduced to the topic. Then you should choose 4-5 research articles about your topic. We recommend to use articles available from the journals and conferences listed in the ACL Anthology. The Tsinghua MT Reading List is also a good resource. You may choose artciles on your own, but make sure they are really concerned with your topic! If you feel unsure about the choice, you can discuss it with Sara or Gongbo.


Your report should mainly be concerned with your topic, in addition you will also describe your personal contribution to your project.

You should introduce your topic, summarize each of the articles you have read, and analyse, comapre, and critically discuss the articles in relation to your topic. This part of the report should be maximum 3 A4 pages, and not much shorter.

In addition you should include a separate part in the report (around 0.5 A4 page) where you discuss your own role in the project.

The deadline for handing in the report is November 1. It should be written in English, and handed in as a pdf in studentportalen.


You should also do an individual oral presentation of your topic during one of the final seminars on October 30. The presentations will take place in two parellel sessions. It is compulsary to present and to attend to attend the full seminars. Here you can find the presentation schedule. Each person should prepare a presentation with slides for 10 minutes, followed by five minutes for questions.