Uppsala universitet  

Individual work in Machine Translation
5LN718 (5 credits)

Individual report

Your individual report should consist of two separate parts. Research article summary:
You are required to choose and read a research article from recent years: 2016-2020. You can choose any research article about MT. We recommend to use articles available from the journals and conferences listed in the ACL Anthology (also see the Tsinghua MT Reading List for inspiration). Note that the article should have been properly published at a conference or in a journal. You may not choose an article only appearing on arXiv, for example. If you feel unsure about which article to choose, you are welcome to discuss it with a teacher. Put a full bibliographical reference to your article in the report.

The article you choose may (but does not need to be) be related to your project work, but it should not be one of the main articles discussed in your project report, and you should synchronize with your group members so that you do not choose the same article.

In the report you should summarize and critically discuss your research article. If relevant, you can also compare it to your group work. This part of the article should be maximum 1 A4 page.

Project contribution:
You should also include a separate part in the report (around 0.5 A4 page) where you discuss your own role in the project work, describing which parts of the project you were active on (either on your own, or in colaboration with others).

The deadline for handing in the report is October 30. It should be written in English, and handed in as a pdf in studentportalen.