Uppsala universitet  

Schedule for the final seminars in the MT courses 5LN711/5LN718

Individual presentations

Held on Zoom (note that there are two parallell sessions), October 27, 9.15-11.00. Each person should prepare a presentation with slides for 8 minutes, followed by three minutes for questions.

Time Presenter Topic Presenter Topic
Mats Sara Gongbo
09.15 Ziyang Unsupervised MT Giacomo Zero-shot MT
09.26 Antonia Multilingual MT Yongchao Pre-training for MT
09.37 Ke Document-level MT Xingran Domain Adaptation
09.48 Chuchu Quality estimation Yifei Quality estimation
10.00 Break
10.15 Sijia Back translation (for NMT) Naomi Speech translation
10.26 Xindi Lingustics in NMT Wenwen Automatic post-editing of MT
10.37 Maria-Elena MT for professional translators Meichun Test suites for MT evaluation

Group presentations

Held on Zoom, October 27, 13.15-15.00. Each group should prepare a presentation with slides for 10 minutes, followed by five minutes for questions.

Time Language
13.15 Galician
13.30 Gujarati
13.45 Inuktikut
14.15 Kazakh
14.30 Sinhala
14.45 Xhosa