Language Technology: Research and Development Workshop

The final workshop will take place on Campus.

We welcome guests who are not attending the course.

Note that this schedule is preliminary, and it is subject to change.

Each student will have 12 minutes for presentation, followed by 3 minutes for questions.
7-0042 7-0043
9.30SaraWelcome and introduction
Plenary session 1: Sara
9.35MayaCross-Lingual and Multilingual Speech Emotion Recognition on English and Chinese leveraging Self-Supervised Learning
9.50YaruChinese NER with speech clues
10.05MathiasParsing the Old using the New: A study in parsing Icelandic
10.20EbbaTop2Vec in the context of Swedish historical texts
Session 2a: JohanSession 2b: Meriem
11.05YiniInvestigating the Impact of Modifying Open Domain Data with Artificial Tokens on Keyphrase Extraction TasksMoaAf Somaali ma baran kartaa?
11.20YahuiPre-trained Abstractive Text Summarization model With Post-processingHengyuImproving Low-resource NMT with Langauge-specific Tokenizers: A Case Study of Cantonese-Chinese Translation
11.35IlianaCross-Lingual POS-Tagging for Ancient Greek: Zero and Few-Shot Transfer Learning with Pre-Trained ModelsAlexZero-shot sentiment classification for Nigerian Pidgin Tweets
Session 4: Bea
13.15JieBuilding a Multilingual Model for Low-resource Offensive Language Identification
13.30ZharouiBi-LSTM-CNN Model Based on GloVe Word Embedding for Multi-Domain Sentiment Classification
13.45MatildeLanguage identificación of code-switching data: BiLSTM-CRF and combined code-switching datasets
14.00Yiu KeiAdditional Paraphrase Training Drives Language Models Closer to Human Behaviour on Natural Language Inference
Session 3: Sara
14.45TheaCross Attention Fine Tuning vs Full Scale Fine Tuning for Somali NMT
15.00AleksandraA comparison of Machine Translation techniques for the very low-resource Faroese language
15.15IngridCollecting and Aligning a Parallel Corpus for Innu-Aimun and French, with a Machine Translation Baseline
15.30MicaellaBridging the Gap: Facilitating Translations Between Low-Resource Languages using NMT
15.45SaraWrapping up