Syntactic Analysis - literature review

For this task you should choose 2 scientific peer-reviewed articles on syntactic parsing. Note that peer-reviewed means that the articles should be published. An article that can only be found on arXiv is not peer-reviewed (unless it is also published elsewhere). You can choose articles from either journals or conferences and workshops. You may choose an article either from a conference or workshop specialized on parsing, or from a mainstream NLP journal, conference, or workshop. In all cases the main topic of the articles should be syntactic parsing, and they should be concerned at least to some extent with parsing algorithms. If the article for instance uses parsing only as input to solve some other task, or is only focused on evaluation, it is not suitable for this assignment. If you are uncertain if the articles you want to read are OK, you may check them with Sara. If so, do so in good time before the deadline.

Some conferences and workshops have a track for short papers, which are typically 4-5 pages long (plus references). You may pick one such short paper, but not two. Alternatively you may choose three short papers. Also note that you may not choose either of the two articles, which are discussed during the literature seminars.


You should hand in a written report of 2 pages. The report should be no longer than 2 pages, and not much shorter. The report should contain a summary of each article, as well as an analysis and critical review. The report should also contain a short reference list with the two chosen articles in a standard format.

The report should be written in your own words, and follow standard citation practices. Note that just changing a few words, the tense, or similar from the original articles does not mean that you are using your own words.

Hand in your report through Studium as a pdf file. Your report will be checked for plagiarism by Ouriginal.

If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact Sara.


March 6, 2022.