We are the Computational Linguistics group at Uppsala University. You can find more information about our activities on our department page.

Group members

Ali Basirat PostDoc
Research interests: distributional representation of words, syntactic parsing, and machine learning
Mats Dahllöf Senior lecturer, docent
Research interests: NLP, historical handwritten text recognition
Bengt Dahlqvist Senior research engineer
PhD in Scientific Computing
Daniel Dakota PostDoc
Luise Dürlich Research assistant
Andrew Dyer Part-time fixed-term lecturer
Gustav Finnveden Part-time fixed-term lecturer
Eva Forsbom PhD student
Christian Hardmeier Researcher
Artur Kulmizev PhD student
Harm Lameris Part-time fixed-term lecturer
Ellinor Lindqvist PhD student
Beata Megyesi Senior lecturer
Research interests: NLP, digital philology and historical cryptology
Paola Merlo Visiting professor
Joakim Nivre Professor
Research interests: Morphosyntactic parsing in a multilingual perspective
Eva Pettersson PostDoc
Research interests: NLP for historical text, digital humanities, historical cryptology, corpus linguistics, automatic spell checking and grammar checking
Rex Ruan Part-time fixed-term lecturer
Ahmed Ruby PhD student
Per Starbäck Senior research engineer
Sara Stymne Associate senior lecturer
Research interests: Machine Translation, Discourse and MT, Dependency parsing, Compound words, Student writing
Anna Sågvall Hein Professor emerita
Gongbo Tang PhD student
Research interests: natural language processing, neural machine translation, multi-word expressions
Crina Madalina Tudor Research assistant
Fredrik Wahlberg Senior lecturer


Alumni and former group members

Metin Bilgin Research interests: Dependency parsing, Machine, and Deep Learning
Fabienne Cap Researcher
Research interests: Machine Translation, Multiword Expressions, Morphology and Distributional Semantics
Marie Dubremetz
Marco Kuhlmann
Miryam de Lhoneux Research interests: Syntactic parsing, multilingual NLP, multiword expressions
Sharid Loáiciga
Roussanka Loukanova
Mattias Nilsson
Markus Saers
Mojgan Seraji
Yan Shao Research interests: Sequence Processing, Deep Learning
Aaron Smith Researcher
Research interests: Syntactic parsing, machine translation, multiword expressions
Jörg Tiedemann Researcher
Oscar Täckström
Gustav Öquist