We are the Computational Linguistics group at Uppsala University. You can find more information about our activities on our department page.

Group Members

Ali Basirat PostDoc
Research interests: distributional representation of words, syntactic parsing, and machine learning
Fabienne Cap Researcher
Research interests: Machine Translation, Multiword Expressions, Morphology and Distributional Semantics
Mats Dahllöf Senior lecturer, docent
Research interests: NLP, historical handwritten text recognition
Bengt Dahlqvist Senior research engineer
PhD in Scientific Computing
Marie Dubremetz PhD student
Eva Forsbom PhD student
Christian Hardmeier Researcher
Miryam de Lhoneux PhD student
Research interests: Syntactic parsing, multilingual NLP, multiword expressions
Sharid Loáiciga Visiting PhD student
Beata Megyesi Senior lecturer
Research interests: NLP, digital philology and historical cryptology
Joakim Nivre Professor
Research interests: Morphosyntactic parsing in a multilingual perspective
Eva Pettersson PostDoc
Research interests: NLP for historical text, digital humanities, historical cryptology, corpus linguistics, automatic spell checking and grammar checking
Yan Shao PhD student
Research interests: Sequence Processing, Deep Learning
Aaron Smith Researcher
Research interests: Syntactic parsing, machine translation, multiword expressions
Per Starbäck Senior research engineer
Sara Stymne Associate senior lecturer
Research interests: Machine Translation, Discourse and MT, Dependency parsing, Compound words, Student writing
Anna Sågvall Hein Professor emeritus
Gongbo Tang PhD student
Research interests: natural language processing, neural machine translation, multi-word expressions
Jörg Tiedemann Researcher