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The computational linguistics seminars usually take place on Fridays at 13.15 pm in room 9-3042, while group meetings and reading groups take place at 11.00. Exceptions are made when the department board has its meetings. These Fridays, there is only a seminar or a group meeting at 13.15 pm.

As of October, 2021, our seminars will be held in a hybrid format: in-person in room 9-3042 (Engelska Parken) and zoom.

You can find suggestions for reading group articles on the google doc.

For questions about this page, contact Ahmed Ruby.

Autumn 2023

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
1 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
15 sep11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
15 sep13:15-14:30Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
22 sep11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
6 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
13 Oct11:00-12:00 Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
13 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Max Müller-Eberstein 9-3042 and Zoom
20 Oct11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
27 Oct11:00-12:00 Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
3 Nov11:00-12:00 Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
10 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
17 Nov11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
1 Dec11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
8 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
15 Dec11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom

Spring 2023

9-2029 and Zoom
Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
20 Jan11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
20 Jan13:15-14:30Seminar: Stergios Efes 9-3042 and Zoom
27 Jan11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
3 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: Analyzing the Mono- and Cross-Lingual Pretraining Dynamics of Multilingual Language Models 9-2029 and Zoom
17 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: Discovering Language Model Behaviors with Model-Written Evaluations 9-2029 and Zoom
17 Feb13:15-14:30Seminar: Paola Merlo 9-3042 and Zoom
24 Feb11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
24 FebNote: 13:15-14:30Group meeting with UIT (demo/info) 9-3042 and Zoom
3 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
3 Mar13:15-14:30Seminar: Elisa Barney Smith 9-3042 and Zoom
10 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group: Quantity doesn't buy quality syntax with neural language models 9-2029 and Zoom
17 Mar11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
24 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group: Subword Evenness (SuE) as a Predictor of Cross-lingual Transfer to Low-resource Languages 9-2029 and Zoom
31 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group: Should You Mask 15% in Masked Language Modeling? 9-2029 and Zoom
7 Apr - Easter Weekend-
14 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
21 Apr11:00-12:00Reading group: Medical Coding with Biomedical Transformer Ensembles and Zero/Few-shot Learning 9-2029 and Zoom
28 Apr11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
28 Apr13:15-14:30Seminar: Maria Ågren & Jonas Lindström 9-3042 and Zoom
5 May11:00-12:00Reading group: Efficient Methods for Natural Language Processing: A Survey 9-2029 and Zoom
12 Maj13:15-14:30Seminar: Erik Lenas 9-3042 and Zoom
16 May, Note: Tuesday13:15-15:00Final seminar (mock defence): Artur Kulmizev 9-3042 and Zoom
19 May - Ascension-
26 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
26 May13:15-14:30Seminar: Nedjma Ousidhoum 9-3042 and Zoom
9 Jun11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom

Autumn 2022

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
19 Aug11:00-16:00 Workshop on Pronouns and Machine Translation (register here) 9-3042 and Zoom
2 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
5 Sep10:15-14:00Master's Thesis Seminars Zoom
8 Sep10:15-15:00Master's Thesis Seminars Zoom
9 sep11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
9 Sep13:15-14:30Reports from conferences and summer schools 9-3042 and Zoom
16 sep11:00-12:00Reading group: A Balanced Data Approach for Evaluating Cross-Lingual Transfer: Mapping the Linguistic Blood Bank 9-2029 and Zoom
30 sep11:00-12:00Reading group: KinyaBERT: a Morphology-aware Kinyarwanda Language Model 9-2029 and Zoom
30 Sep13:15-14:30Seminar: Måns Magnusson 9-3042 and Zoom
7 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
14 Oct11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
14 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Yoav Goldberg 9-3042 and Zoom
21 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Dan McIntyre 9-3042 and Zoom
28 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Anthi Papadopoulou 9-3042 and Zoom
4 Nov11:00-12:00 Reading group: Benchmarking Compositionality with Formal Languages 9-2029 and Zoom
4 Nov - All Saints' Eve-
11 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Nov13:15-14:30Seminar: Tommi Jauhiainen 9-3042 and Zoom
18 Nov11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
18 Nov13:15-14:30Seminar: Ahmed Ruby 9-3042 and Zoom
23-25 Nov-(SLTC, more info here) -
2 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: Large Language Models Struggle to Learn Long-Tail Knowledge 9-2029 and Zoom
9 Dec11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
9 Dec 13:15-14:30Seminar: Jenny Kunz 9-3042 and Zoom
16 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: The “Problem” of Human Label Variation: On Ground Truth in Data, Modeling and Evaluation 9-2029 and Zoom
16 DecNote: 13:00-14.00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom

Spring 2022

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
14 Jan13:15-14:30Paola Merlo Zoom
28 Jan11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
4 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: Evaluation Examples are not Equally Informative: How should that change NLP Leaderboards? Zoom
11 Feb13:15-14:30Luise Dürlich, Joakim Nivre, Sara Stymne Zoom
18 Feb11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
25 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: TimeLMs: Diachronic Language Models from Twitter Zoom
25 Feb13:15-14:30Mostafa Abdou Zoom
4 March11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group:: Generating Sentences from a Continuous Space Zoom and 9-2029
18 Mar11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom and 9-2029
25 Mar13:15-14:30Sharid Loáiciga Zoom and 9-3042
1 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
1 Apr13:30-14:30 Reading group: Genre as Weak Supervision for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing Zoom and 9-2029
8 Apr11:00-12.00(Staff Meeting)-
15 Apr-Easter Weekend-
22 Apr11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
22 Apr13:15-14:30Ellinor Lindqvist Zoom
29 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
6 May11:00-12:00 Reading group: Phylogenic Multi-Lingual Dependency Parsing Zoom
20 May11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
27 May-Ascension-
3 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
10 Jun11:00-12:00 Reading group: Disentangling syntax and semantics in the brain with deep networks Zoom
17 June11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
17 June 13:15-14:30Meriem Beloucif Zoom

Autumn 2021

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
3 Sept13:15-14 :00Group meeting Zoom
7 Sep09:15-14:00Masterr's Thesis Seminars Zoom
10 Sep11:00-12:00Reading group Zoom
24 Sep11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
24 Sep13:15-14:30Moa Lidén Zoom
8 Oct11:00-12:00Reading group: Multimodal Research in Vision and Language: A Review of Current and Emerging Trends Zoom
8 Oct14:00-16:00 DiLCo (Digital language variation in context) Ethics Lectures (external)Zoom
15 Oct10:00-16:00Literary Linguistics Workshop (in Swedish) (external) Zoom
22 Oct11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
22 Oct13:15-14:30Shalom Lappin 9-3042 & Zoom
29 Oct11:00-12:00Reading group: Revisiting the Primacy of English in Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer 9-2029 & Zoom
29 Oct13:15-14:30Sara Stymne & Antonia Karamolegkou 9-3042 & Zoom
12 Nov13:15-14:30Yingqi Jing Zoom
26 Nov11:00-12:00Reading group: Learning How to Ask: Querying LMs with Mixtures of Soft Prompts Zoom
10 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: Universals of word order reflect optimization of grammars for efficient communication9-2029 & Zoom

Spring 2021

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
22 Jan11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
22 Jan15:15-17.00Miguel Ballesteros Zoom
29 Jan11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
5 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: UDapter: Language Adaptation for Truly Universal Dependency Parsing Zoom
12 Feb-No activity-
19 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
26 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? Zoom
5 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
5 Mar14:30-15.45Siva Reddy Zoom
12 Mar-No activity-
19 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
26 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Enabling Language Models to Fill in the Blanks Zoom
2 Apr-Good Friday-
9 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification Zoom
9 Apr13:15-14.30Raazesh Sainudiin Zoom
16 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
16 Apr13:15-14.30Jussi Karlgren Zoom
23 Apr11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
30 Apr-Valborg-
7 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Pre-trained Models for Natural Language Processing: A Survey Zoom
7 May13:15-14.30Murathan Kurfali Zoom
14 May-Ascension-
21 May11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
28 May11:00-12.00Reading group Zoom
28 May13:15-14.30Barbara Plank Zoom
2 Jun10:00-16:00Master's thesis seminars Zoom
3 Jun10:00-16:00Master's thesis seminars Zoom
4 Jun10:00-16:00Masterr's thesis seminars Zoom
4 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
11 Jun13:15-14.30Ahmed Ruby Zoom
18 Jun13:15-14:15Group meeting Zoom

Autumn 2020

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
21 Aug13:15-15.00Mock Defence: Gongbo TangZoom
4 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
4 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
11 Sep11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
11 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Daniel Dakota What’s in a Span? Evaluating Constituency Span-Based Multilingual Parsing 9-3042 & Zoom
18 Sep11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist The State and Fate of Linguistic Diversity and Inclusion in the NLP World 9-2029 & Zoom
18 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
25 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Anders Hast, Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby Presentations of the Visual Information and Interaction group from the IT department 2-0024 & Zoom
2 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang In Neural Machine Translation, What Does Transfer Learning Transfer? 9-2029 & Zoom
2 OctNote: 15:00-16.00Seminar: AI4Research OpeningZoom
9 Oct11:00-12.00Group meeting 9-2029 & Zoom
9 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar Zoom
16 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
16 Oct13:00-16:30Language Bank WorkshopZoom
23 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre On the Importance of Subword Information for Morphological Tasks in Truly Low-Resource Languages 9-2029 & Zoom
23 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Richard Johansson Language models and structured knowledge: an overview of recent developments Zoom
30 Oct13.15-15.00All Saints' Eve-
6 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group 9-2029 & Zoom
6 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042 & Zoom
9 Nov14:15-16.00Seminar: Joakim Presentation at the IT groupZoom
13 Nov11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
13 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Artur Kulmizev Transformer Guts: The Search for SyntaxZoom
20 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Identifying Elements Essential for BERT’s Multilinguality Zoom
20 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Magnus Sahlgren and Ariel Ekgren GPT-3, the latest evolution in language technology – What is the big deal? Zoom
27 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25-27 NovFull DaySeminar: SLTC Online
3 Dec14:30-16.30PhD Defence: Gongbo TangIhresalen & Zoom
4 Dec11:00-12.00Reading group: Ahmed Ruby Learning Spoken Language Representations with Neural Lattice Language Modeling Zoom
11 Dec11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
11 DecNote: 15:30-16.45Seminar: Sandra Kübler Abusive Language Detection: A Closer LookZoom

Spring 2020

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
30 Jan (Thu)13:15-15.00Seminar: Sara Stymne: Annotation of Swedish verbal MWEs in the Parseme framework3-0012
7 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
7 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Oscar Täckström Applying machine learning to personalize human learning 9-3042
14 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Designing and Interpreting Probes with Control Tasks9-2029
21 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Harald Hammarström How Well-Described is a Language? Multilingual Measuring of Grammatical Descriptions 9-3042
6 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
6 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Eric Cullhed Thick concepts and values9-3042
13 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
13 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Sofia Strömbergsson Children’s misarticulations and their linguistic consequences9-3042
20 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist Targeted Topic Modeling for Focused Analysis Zoom 9-2029
20 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar 9-3042
27 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group9-2029
27 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar 9-3042
3 Apr11:00-12.00Group meetingZoom 9-2029
3 Apr13:15-15.00postponed COLING paper clinic 9-3042
10 Apr13:15-15.00Easter9-3042
17 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
17 Apr13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Upcerg group 9-3042
24 Apr10:00-11.00Group meetingZoom
24 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Acquiring Knowledge from Pre-trained Model to Neural Machine TranslationZoom
24 Apr13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Jussi Karlgren9-3042
1 May13:15-15.00Labour Day9-3042
8 May11:00-12.00Group meetingZoom
8 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Ellinor Lindqvist NLP for historical textsZoom
15 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Fredrik Wahlberg Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning AlgorithmsZoom
15 May13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
22 May13:15-15.00Ascension9-3042
29 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre Representations of Syntax [MASK] Useful: Effects of Constituency and Dependency Structure in Recursive LSTMsZoom
29 May13:00-15.00Group meeting/EMNLP paper clinicZoom
29 May13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Anders Hast, Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby9-3042
5 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
5 Jun13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
12 Jun9:30-10.30Group meetingZoom
12 Jun13:15-14:30Seminar: Sidsel Boldsen Modelling language change within historical text corporaZoom

Autumn 2019

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
22 Aug (Thu) 13:00-14.00SyntaxFest practice talk9-3042
23 Aug13:15-15.00Mock defence: Miryam de Lhoneux9-3042
6 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
6 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Artur Kulmizev, Three Case Studies in Computational Linguistics9-3042
13 Sep13:15-15.00Reports from conferences and summer schools9-3042
20 Sep13:15-14.15Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Information-theoretic locality properties of natural language9-3042
27 Sep11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang, Assessing the Ability of Self-Attention Networks to Learn Word Order9-2029
4 Oct11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
4 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Oliver Glant, Language Technology in Law Enforcement6-0031
8 Oct (Tue)14:15-15.00Docent Lecture: Sara Stymne, Syntactic Parsing across Languages and Domains 16-0054
9 Oct (Wed)15:15-17.00Seminar: Roni Katzir, Representing and learning phonological knowledge 2-1024
18 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux, Energy and Policy Considerations for Deep Learning in NLP9-2029
25 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Gongbo Tang, Understanding neural machine translation by simplification and probing tasks9-3042
29 Oct (Tue)10:00-11.00Dry-run EMNLP9-2029
8 Nov11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
8 Nov 13:15-15.00Seminar: Joakim Nivre, Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight – Twelve Years Later9-3042
14 Nov (Thu)11:00-12.00Docent Lecture: Christian Hardmeier, Gender Bias as an Issue in Natural Language Processing6-0022
15 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Ali Basirat, Multilingual Factor Analysis9-2029
22 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist, Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Contextualized Embeddings for Sequence Labeling 9-2029
25 Nov (Mon)13:15-15.00PhD defence: Miryam de LhoneuxBertil Hammer Blåsenhus
26 Nov (Tue)10:15-12.30Lectures on Language Technology 16-0043
29 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
29 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Daniel Hershcovich, Universal Meaning Representation Parsing9-3042
3 Dec13:15-15.00Kyoko Sugisaki, Bridging gaps between language study and language technology 22-1009
6 Dec11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
6 Dec13:15-15.00Staffan Larsson, Meaning as Coordinated Compositional Classification9-3042
13 Dec11:00-12.00Reading group, Sara Stymne, Choosing Transfer Languages for Cross-Lingual Learning9-2029
13 Dec13:15-15.00Seminar: Beáta Megyesi, DECRYPT: Decryption of Historical Manuscripts9-3042

Spring 2019

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
25 Jan11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
25 Jan13:15-15.00Seminar: Gong Zhengxian, Research on Some Key Aspects of Document-level Neural Machine Translation 9-3042
1 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
1 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Måns Magnusson9-3042
8 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux Analysis Methods in Neural Language Processing: A Survey9-2029
8 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Marc Tang, Predicting speech errors in Mandarin based on word frequency9-3042
15 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
15 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Harald Hammarström, Deep and Shallow in Automated Cognate Detection 9-3042
22 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre Stack-Pointer Networks for Dependency Parsing9-2029
22 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Staffan Truvé, How to build a threat intelligence machine9-3042
1 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev StructVAE: Tree-structured Latent Variable Models for Semi-supervised Semantic Parsing 9-2029
1 Mar13:15-15.00ACL paper clinic9-3042
8 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
8 Mar13:15-16:15 Lectures on linguistics and language technology6-0031
15 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Context-Aware Self-Attention Networks 9-2029
15 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Sasha Berdicevskis, Do morphological oppositions obey the principle of least effort? Quantitative evidence from 60 languages 9-3042
22 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
22 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Isabelle Augenstein, Natural Language Understanding with Limited Training Data9-3042
29 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group9-2029
29 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Ryan Cotterell, Mitigating Gender Bias in Morphologically Rich Languages 9-3042
5 Apr11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
5 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Paola Merlo, Probing word and sentence embeddings for long-distance dependencies effects in French and English9-3042
12 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
12 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Bill Croft, Linguistic Typology Meets Universal Dependencies: Issues in Teaching and Annotating Syntax7-0042
19 Apr13.15-15.00Easter9-3042
26 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Christian Hardmeier, Comparative concepts and language-specific categories: Theory and practice (see email for pdf)9-2029
26 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Dirk Hovy, Hidden Biases. Ethical Issues in NLP, and What to Do about Them9-3042
3 May11:00-12.00Reading group, Artur Kulmizev A Structural Probe for Finding Syntax in Word Representations9-2029
3 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Shalom Lappin, Modelling the Influence of Context on Sentence Acceptability9-3042
10 May11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
17 May11:00-12.00EMNLP paper clinic 9-2029
17 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Jamie Henderson, Learning Vector Representations of Abstraction with Entailment-Based Distributional Semantics9-3042
24 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
31 May13.15-15.00Ascension9-3042
7 Jun13.15-15.00National Holiday9-3042
14 Jun11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029

Autumn 2018

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
31 Aug13:15-15:00Group Meeting9-3042
7 Sep15:15-17.00Seminar: Devdatt Dubhashi9-3042
8 Sep10:15Ali Basirat, Thesis Defence: Principal Word VectorsHumanistiska teatern
14 Sep13:15-14:15Group Meeting9-3042
21 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Jussi Karlgren9-3042
28 Sep13:15-14.15Group Meeting9-3042
5 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
12 Oct13:15-14.15Reading Group: Joakim Nivre Deep Contextualized Word Representations9-3042
19 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Gongbo Tang9-3042
26 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Practice Talks for EMNLP9-3042
2 NovNo Meeting (EMNLP)
9 NovNo Meeting (SLTC)
16 Nov 13:15-14.15Reading group, Gongbo Tang Uncovering divergent linguistic information in word embeddings with lessons for intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation9-3042
23 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: David Vilares: Fast Natural Language Parsing9-3042
30 Nov 13:15-14.15Group Meeting9-3042
7 Dec 13:15-14.15Reading group9-3042
14 Dec 13:15-14.15Reading group9-3042

Spring 2018

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
19 Jan11:00-12:00Group Meeting9-2029
19 Jan13:15-16:15Lectures on Language Technology22-0031
20 Jan10:15Marie Dubremetz, Thesis Defence: Detecting Rhetorical Figures Based on Repetition of Words: Chiasmus, Epanaphora, Epiphora.Humanistiska teatern
26 Jan11:00-12.00Reading group, Gongbo Tang What does attention in neural machine translation pay attention to?9-2029
26 Jan13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
2 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
2 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
9 Feb11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
9 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar: Robert Östling9-3042
14 Feb13.15-15.00Mock defence: Ali Basirat9-3042
16 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Six Challenges for Neural Machine Translation 9-2029
16 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar: Sarah Allison9-3042
23 Feb11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
23 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
2 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Yan Shao Learning structured prediction models: a large margin approach9-2029
2 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar: Eva Vanmassenhove9-3042
9 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
9 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
16 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeing9-2029
16 Mar13.15-15.00Mock defence: Yan Shao9-3042
23 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
23 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar: Gong Zhengxian 9-3042
30 Mar13.15-15.00Långfredag9-3042
6 Apr10:00-11:00Seminar: Ieva Bumbulienė9-2029
6 Apr11:00-12:00Reading Group: Yan Shao Achieving Human Parity on Automatic Chinese to English News Translation9-2029
6 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar: Margita Šoštarić9-3042
13 Apr11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
13 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
19 Apr10.15-12.00Seminar: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski9-3042
20 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
20 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar: Stefan Eriksson. 9-3042
27 Apr11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
27 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
4 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux, Colorless green recurrent networks dream hierarchically9-2029
4 May13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
11 May13.15-15.00Kristi himmelsfärd9-3042
18 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Zhengxian Gong, Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks9-2029
18 May13.15-15.00Seminar: Ildiko Pilán 9-3042
25 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25 May13.15-15.00Seminar: Håvard Hegre 9-3042
1 June11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
1 June13.15-15.00Seminar: Dan Zeman 9-3042
8 JunWorkshop (Yan Shao)
9 JunPhD defence (Yan Shao)
11 Jun13.15-15.00Seminar: Miryam de Lhoneux9-3042

Autumn 2017

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
1 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
1 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Reports from conferences and summer schools9-3042
8 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
8 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
15 Sep11.00-12.00Reading Group, Marie Dubremetz An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP9-2029
15 Sep13.15-15.00Michelle Waldispühl: Language internal and external factors for spelling variation in historical writing9-3042
22 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
22 Sep13.15-15.00Sharid Loaiciga: What is it? Disambiguating the different readings of the pronoun ‘it’9-3042
29 Sep11.00-12.00(Styrelse) 9-2029
29 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Yan Shao9-3042
6 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Yan Shao: Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention9-2029
6 Oct13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
13 Oct11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
13 Oct13.15-15.00Matteo Magnani: Structural analysis of online text networks3-0012
20 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Gongb Tang: Attention Is All You Need 9-2029
20 Oct13.15-15.00Dave Zachariah: Learning sparse feature models with confidence9-3042
27 Oct11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
27 Oct13.15-15.00Gongbo Tang and Yan Shao: Chinese Separable Words in SMT 9-3042
3 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
3 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
10 Nov11.00-12.00Reading Group, Ali Basirat: Information-Theory Interpretation of the Skip-Gram Negative-Sampling Objective Function9-2029
10 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar: Lasse Mårtensson and Fredrik Wahlberg9-3042
17 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
17 Nov13.15-15.00Gongbo Tang: Recent advances in NMT and applying NMT models to spelling normalization task9-3042
24 Nov11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
24 Nov13.15-15.00Julia Udden: Incremental parsing of dependency grammar in the human brain: or 'how should we characterize sentence complexity’? 9-3042
1 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group, Miryam de Lhoneux Johannes Bjerva and Isabelle Augenstein.(2017). Tracking Typological Traits of Uralic Languages in Distributed Language Representations.9-2029
1 Dec13.15-15.00Linda Andersson: The Essence of Patent Text Mining 9-3042
6 Dec10.15-12.00Seminar: Carlos Ramisch9-1016
8 Dec10.15-12.00Seminar: Hannah Rohde9-3042
8 Dec13.15-15.00Karl Berglund, Thesis defence: Mordens marknad. Litteratursociologiska studier i det tidiga 2000-talets svenska kriminallitteratur (in Swedish)6-1023
15 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group canceled! 9-2029
15 Dec13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042