The computational linguistics seminars usually take place on Fridays at 13.15 pm in room 9-3042, while group meetings and reading groups take place at 11.00. Exceptions are made when the department board has its meetings. These Fridays, there is only a seminar or a group meeting at 13.15 pm.

As of October, 2021, our seminars will be held in a hybrid format: in-person in room 9-3042 (Engelska Parken) and zoom.

You can find suggestions for reading group articles on the google doc.

For questions about this page, contact Ellinor Lindqvist.

Spring 2023

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
20 Jan11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
20 Jan13:15-14:30Seminar: Stergios Efes 9-3042 and Zoom
27 Jan11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
3 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: Analyzing the Mono- and Cross-Lingual Pretraining Dynamics of Multilingual Language Models 9-2029 and Zoom
17 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
24 Feb11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
3 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
10 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
17 Mar11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
24 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
31 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
7 Apr - Easter Weekend-
14 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
21 Apr11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
28 Apr11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
5 May11:00-12:00Reading group 9-2029 and Zoom
19 May - Ascension-
26 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
9 Jun11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom

Autumn 2022

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
19 Aug11:00-16:00 Workshop on Pronouns and Machine Translation (register here) 9-3042 and Zoom
2 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
5 Sep10:15-14:00Master's Thesis Seminars Zoom
8 Sep10:15-15:00Master's Thesis Seminars Zoom
9 sep11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
9 Sep13:15-14:30Reports from conferences and summer schools 9-3042 and Zoom
16 sep11:00-12:00Reading group: A Balanced Data Approach for Evaluating Cross-Lingual Transfer: Mapping the Linguistic Blood Bank 9-2029 and Zoom
30 sep11:00-12:00Reading group: KinyaBERT: a Morphology-aware Kinyarwanda Language Model 9-2029 and Zoom
30 Sep13:15-14:30Seminar: Måns Magnusson 9-3042 and Zoom
7 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
14 Oct11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
14 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Yoav Goldberg 9-3042 and Zoom
21 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Dan McIntyre 9-3042 and Zoom
28 Oct13:15-14:30Seminar: Anthi Papadopoulou 9-3042 and Zoom
4 Nov11:00-12:00 Reading group: Benchmarking Compositionality with Formal Languages 9-2029 and Zoom
4 Nov - All Saints' Eve-
11 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Nov13:15-14:30Seminar: Tommi Jauhiainen 9-3042 and Zoom
18 Nov11:00-12:00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom
18 Nov13:15-14:30Seminar: Ahmed Ruby 9-3042 and Zoom
23-25 Nov-(SLTC, more info here) -
2 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: Large Language Models Struggle to Learn Long-Tail Knowledge 9-2029 and Zoom
9 Dec11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
9 Dec 13:15-14:30Seminar: Jenny Kunz 9-3042 and Zoom
16 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: The “Problem” of Human Label Variation: On Ground Truth in Data, Modeling and Evaluation 9-2029 and Zoom
16 DecNote: 13:00-14.00Group meeting 9-2029 and Zoom

Spring 2022

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
14 Jan13:15-14:30Paola Merlo Zoom
28 Jan11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
4 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: Evaluation Examples are not Equally Informative: How should that change NLP Leaderboards? Zoom
11 Feb13:15-14:30Luise Dürlich, Joakim Nivre, Sara Stymne Zoom
18 Feb11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
25 Feb11:00-12:00Reading group: TimeLMs: Diachronic Language Models from Twitter Zoom
25 Feb13:15-14:30Mostafa Abdou Zoom
4 March11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
11 Mar11:00-12:00Reading group:: Generating Sentences from a Continuous Space Zoom and 9-2029
18 Mar11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom and 9-2029
25 Mar13:15-14:30Sharid Loáiciga Zoom and 9-3042
1 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
1 Apr13:30-14:30 Reading group: Genre as Weak Supervision for Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing Zoom and 9-2029
8 Apr11:00-12.00(Staff Meeting)-
15 Apr-Easter Weekend-
22 Apr11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
22 Apr13:15-14:30Ellinor Lindqvist Zoom
29 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
6 May11:00-12:00 Reading group: Phylogenic Multi-Lingual Dependency Parsing Zoom
20 May11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
27 May-Ascension-
3 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)-
10 Jun11:00-12:00 Reading group: Disentangling syntax and semantics in the brain with deep networks Zoom
17 June11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
17 June 13:15-14:30Meriem Beloucif Zoom

Autumn 2021

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
3 Sept13:15-14 :00Group meeting Zoom
7 Sep09:15-14:00Masterr's Thesis Seminars Zoom
10 Sep11:00-12:00Reading group Zoom
24 Sep11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
24 Sep13:15-14:30Moa Lidén Zoom
8 Oct11:00-12:00Reading group: Multimodal Research in Vision and Language: A Review of Current and Emerging Trends Zoom
8 Oct14:00-16:00 DiLCo (Digital language variation in context) Ethics Lectures (external)Zoom
15 Oct10:00-16:00Literary Linguistics Workshop (in Swedish) (external) Zoom
22 Oct11:00-12:00Group meeting Zoom
22 Oct13:15-14:30Shalom Lappin 9-3042 & Zoom
29 Oct11:00-12:00Reading group: Revisiting the Primacy of English in Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer 9-2029 & Zoom
29 Oct13:15-14:30Sara Stymne & Antonia Karamolegkou 9-3042 & Zoom
12 Nov13:15-14:30Yingqi Jing Zoom
26 Nov11:00-12:00Reading group: Learning How to Ask: Querying LMs with Mixtures of Soft Prompts Zoom
10 Dec11:00-12:00Reading group: Universals of word order reflect optimization of grammars for efficient communication9-2029 & Zoom

Spring 2021

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
22 Jan11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
22 Jan15:15-17.00Miguel Ballesteros Zoom
29 Jan11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
5 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: UDapter: Language Adaptation for Truly Universal Dependency Parsing Zoom
12 Feb-No activity-
19 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
26 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? Zoom
5 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
5 Mar14:30-15.45Siva Reddy Zoom
12 Mar-No activity-
19 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
26 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Enabling Language Models to Fill in the Blanks Zoom
2 Apr-Good Friday-
9 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification Zoom
9 Apr13:15-14.30Raazesh Sainudiin Zoom
16 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
16 Apr13:15-14.30Jussi Karlgren Zoom
23 Apr11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
30 Apr-Valborg-
7 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Pre-trained Models for Natural Language Processing: A Survey Zoom
7 May13:15-14.30Murathan Kurfali Zoom
14 May-Ascension-
21 May11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
28 May11:00-12.00Reading group Zoom
28 May13:15-14.30Barbara Plank Zoom
2 Jun10:00-16:00Master's thesis seminars Zoom
3 Jun10:00-16:00Master's thesis seminars Zoom
4 Jun10:00-16:00Masterr's thesis seminars Zoom
4 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
11 Jun13:15-14.30Ahmed Ruby Zoom
18 Jun13:15-14:15Group meeting Zoom

Autumn 2020

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
21 Aug13:15-15.00Mock Defence: Gongbo TangZoom
4 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
4 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
11 Sep11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
11 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Daniel Dakota What’s in a Span? Evaluating Constituency Span-Based Multilingual Parsing 9-3042 & Zoom
18 Sep11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist The State and Fate of Linguistic Diversity and Inclusion in the NLP World 9-2029 & Zoom
18 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
25 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Anders Hast, Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby Presentations of the Visual Information and Interaction group from the IT department 2-0024 & Zoom
2 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang In Neural Machine Translation, What Does Transfer Learning Transfer? 9-2029 & Zoom
2 OctNote: 15:00-16.00Seminar: AI4Research OpeningZoom
9 Oct11:00-12.00Group meeting 9-2029 & Zoom
9 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar Zoom
16 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
16 Oct13:00-16:30Language Bank WorkshopZoom
23 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre On the Importance of Subword Information for Morphological Tasks in Truly Low-Resource Languages 9-2029 & Zoom
23 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Richard Johansson Language models and structured knowledge: an overview of recent developments Zoom
30 Oct13.15-15.00All Saints' Eve-
6 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group 9-2029 & Zoom
6 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042 & Zoom
9 Nov14:15-16.00Seminar: Joakim Presentation at the IT groupZoom
13 Nov11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
13 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Artur Kulmizev Transformer Guts: The Search for SyntaxZoom
20 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Identifying Elements Essential for BERT’s Multilinguality Zoom
20 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Magnus Sahlgren and Ariel Ekgren GPT-3, the latest evolution in language technology – What is the big deal? Zoom
27 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25-27 NovFull DaySeminar: SLTC Online
3 Dec14:30-16.30PhD Defence: Gongbo TangIhresalen & Zoom
4 Dec11:00-12.00Reading group: Ahmed Ruby Learning Spoken Language Representations with Neural Lattice Language Modeling Zoom
11 Dec11:00-12.00Group meeting Zoom
11 DecNote: 15:30-16.45Seminar: Sandra Kübler Abusive Language Detection: A Closer LookZoom

Spring 2020

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
30 Jan (Thu)13:15-15.00Seminar: Sara Stymne: Annotation of Swedish verbal MWEs in the Parseme framework3-0012
7 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
7 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Oscar Täckström Applying machine learning to personalize human learning 9-3042
14 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Designing and Interpreting Probes with Control Tasks9-2029
21 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Harald Hammarström How Well-Described is a Language? Multilingual Measuring of Grammatical Descriptions 9-3042
6 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
6 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Eric Cullhed Thick concepts and values9-3042
13 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
13 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Sofia Strömbergsson Children’s misarticulations and their linguistic consequences9-3042
20 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist Targeted Topic Modeling for Focused Analysis Zoom 9-2029
20 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar 9-3042
27 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group9-2029
27 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar 9-3042
3 Apr11:00-12.00Group meetingZoom 9-2029
3 Apr13:15-15.00postponed COLING paper clinic 9-3042
10 Apr13:15-15.00Easter9-3042
17 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
17 Apr13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Upcerg group 9-3042
24 Apr10:00-11.00Group meetingZoom
24 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Acquiring Knowledge from Pre-trained Model to Neural Machine TranslationZoom
24 Apr13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Jussi Karlgren9-3042
1 May13:15-15.00Labour Day9-3042
8 May11:00-12.00Group meetingZoom
8 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Ellinor Lindqvist NLP for historical textsZoom
15 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Fredrik Wahlberg Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning AlgorithmsZoom
15 May13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
22 May13:15-15.00Ascension9-3042
29 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre Representations of Syntax [MASK] Useful: Effects of Constituency and Dependency Structure in Recursive LSTMsZoom
29 May13:00-15.00Group meeting/EMNLP paper clinicZoom
29 May13:15-15.00postponed Seminar: Anders Hast, Robin Strand and Carolina Wählby9-3042
5 Jun11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
5 Jun13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
12 Jun9:30-10.30Group meetingZoom
12 Jun13:15-14:30Seminar: Sidsel Boldsen Modelling language change within historical text corporaZoom

Autumn 2019

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
22 Aug (Thu) 13:00-14.00SyntaxFest practice talk9-3042
23 Aug13:15-15.00Mock defence: Miryam de Lhoneux9-3042
6 Sep11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
6 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Artur Kulmizev, Three Case Studies in Computational Linguistics9-3042
13 Sep13:15-15.00Reports from conferences and summer schools9-3042
20 Sep13:15-14.15Reading group: Artur Kulmizev Information-theoretic locality properties of natural language9-3042
27 Sep11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang, Assessing the Ability of Self-Attention Networks to Learn Word Order9-2029
4 Oct11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
4 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Oliver Glant, Language Technology in Law Enforcement6-0031
8 Oct (Tue)14:15-15.00Docent Lecture: Sara Stymne, Syntactic Parsing across Languages and Domains 16-0054
9 Oct (Wed)15:15-17.00Seminar: Roni Katzir, Representing and learning phonological knowledge 2-1024
18 Oct11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25 Oct11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux, Energy and Policy Considerations for Deep Learning in NLP9-2029
25 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Gongbo Tang, Understanding neural machine translation by simplification and probing tasks9-3042
29 Oct (Tue)10:00-11.00Dry-run EMNLP9-2029
8 Nov11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
8 Nov 13:15-15.00Seminar: Joakim Nivre, Is the End of Supervised Parsing in Sight – Twelve Years Later9-3042
14 Nov (Thu)11:00-12.00Docent Lecture: Christian Hardmeier, Gender Bias as an Issue in Natural Language Processing6-0022
15 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Ali Basirat, Multilingual Factor Analysis9-2029
22 Nov11:00-12.00Reading group: Ellinor Lindqvist, Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Contextualized Embeddings for Sequence Labeling 9-2029
25 Nov (Mon)13:15-15.00PhD defence: Miryam de LhoneuxBertil Hammer Blåsenhus
26 Nov (Tue)10:15-12.30Lectures on Language Technology 16-0043
29 Nov11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
29 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: Daniel Hershcovich, Universal Meaning Representation Parsing9-3042
3 Dec13:15-15.00Kyoko Sugisaki, Bridging gaps between language study and language technology 22-1009
6 Dec11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
6 Dec13:15-15.00Staffan Larsson, Meaning as Coordinated Compositional Classification9-3042
13 Dec11:00-12.00Reading group, Sara Stymne, Choosing Transfer Languages for Cross-Lingual Learning9-2029
13 Dec13:15-15.00Seminar: Beáta Megyesi, DECRYPT: Decryption of Historical Manuscripts9-3042

Spring 2019

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
25 Jan11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
25 Jan13:15-15.00Seminar: Gong Zhengxian, Research on Some Key Aspects of Document-level Neural Machine Translation 9-3042
1 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
1 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Måns Magnusson9-3042
8 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux Analysis Methods in Neural Language Processing: A Survey9-2029
8 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Marc Tang, Predicting speech errors in Mandarin based on word frequency9-3042
15 Feb11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
15 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Harald Hammarström, Deep and Shallow in Automated Cognate Detection 9-3042
22 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Joakim Nivre Stack-Pointer Networks for Dependency Parsing9-2029
22 Feb13:15-15.00Seminar: Staffan Truvé, How to build a threat intelligence machine9-3042
1 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Artur Kulmizev StructVAE: Tree-structured Latent Variable Models for Semi-supervised Semantic Parsing 9-2029
1 Mar13:15-15.00ACL paper clinic9-3042
8 Mar11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
8 Mar13:15-16:15 Lectures on linguistics and language technology6-0031
15 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Context-Aware Self-Attention Networks 9-2029
15 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Sasha Berdicevskis, Do morphological oppositions obey the principle of least effort? Quantitative evidence from 60 languages 9-3042
22 Mar11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
22 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Isabelle Augenstein, Natural Language Understanding with Limited Training Data9-3042
29 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group9-2029
29 Mar13:15-15.00Seminar: Ryan Cotterell, Mitigating Gender Bias in Morphologically Rich Languages 9-3042
5 Apr11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
5 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Paola Merlo, Probing word and sentence embeddings for long-distance dependencies effects in French and English9-3042
12 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
12 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Bill Croft, Linguistic Typology Meets Universal Dependencies: Issues in Teaching and Annotating Syntax7-0042
19 Apr13.15-15.00Easter9-3042
26 Apr11:00-12.00Reading group: Christian Hardmeier, Comparative concepts and language-specific categories: Theory and practice (see email for pdf)9-2029
26 Apr13:15-15.00Seminar: Dirk Hovy, Hidden Biases. Ethical Issues in NLP, and What to Do about Them9-3042
3 May11:00-12.00Reading group, Artur Kulmizev A Structural Probe for Finding Syntax in Word Representations9-2029
3 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Shalom Lappin, Modelling the Influence of Context on Sentence Acceptability9-3042
10 May11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
17 May11:00-12.00EMNLP paper clinic 9-2029
17 May13:15-15.00Seminar: Jamie Henderson, Learning Vector Representations of Abstraction with Entailment-Based Distributional Semantics9-3042
24 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
31 May13.15-15.00Ascension9-3042
7 Jun13.15-15.00National Holiday9-3042
14 Jun11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029

Autumn 2018

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
31 Aug13:15-15:00Group Meeting9-3042
7 Sep15:15-17.00Seminar: Devdatt Dubhashi9-3042
8 Sep10:15Ali Basirat, Thesis Defence: Principal Word VectorsHumanistiska teatern
14 Sep13:15-14:15Group Meeting9-3042
21 Sep13:15-15.00Seminar: Jussi Karlgren9-3042
28 Sep13:15-14.15Group Meeting9-3042
5 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar9-3042
12 Oct13:15-14.15Reading Group: Joakim Nivre Deep Contextualized Word Representations9-3042
19 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Gongbo Tang9-3042
26 Oct13:15-15.00Seminar: Practice Talks for EMNLP9-3042
2 NovNo Meeting (EMNLP)
9 NovNo Meeting (SLTC)
16 Nov 13:15-14.15Reading group, Gongbo Tang Uncovering divergent linguistic information in word embeddings with lessons for intrinsic and extrinsic evaluation9-3042
23 Nov13:15-15.00Seminar: David Vilares: Fast Natural Language Parsing9-3042
30 Nov 13:15-14.15Group Meeting9-3042
7 Dec 13:15-14.15Reading group9-3042
14 Dec 13:15-14.15Reading group9-3042

Spring 2018

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
19 Jan11:00-12:00Group Meeting9-2029
19 Jan13:15-16:15Lectures on Language Technology22-0031
20 Jan10:15Marie Dubremetz, Thesis Defence: Detecting Rhetorical Figures Based on Repetition of Words: Chiasmus, Epanaphora, Epiphora.Humanistiska teatern
26 Jan11:00-12.00Reading group, Gongbo Tang What does attention in neural machine translation pay attention to?9-2029
26 Jan13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
2 Feb11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
2 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
9 Feb11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
9 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar: Robert Östling9-3042
14 Feb13.15-15.00Mock defence: Ali Basirat9-3042
16 Feb11:00-12.00Reading group: Gongbo Tang Six Challenges for Neural Machine Translation 9-2029
16 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar: Sarah Allison9-3042
23 Feb11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
23 Feb13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
2 Mar11:00-12.00Reading group: Yan Shao Learning structured prediction models: a large margin approach9-2029
2 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar: Eva Vanmassenhove9-3042
9 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
9 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
16 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeing9-2029
16 Mar13.15-15.00Mock defence: Yan Shao9-3042
23 Mar11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
23 Mar13.15-15.00Seminar: Gong Zhengxian 9-3042
30 Mar13.15-15.00Långfredag9-3042
6 Apr10:00-11:00Seminar: Ieva Bumbulienė9-2029
6 Apr11:00-12:00Reading Group: Yan Shao Achieving Human Parity on Automatic Chinese to English News Translation9-2029
6 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar: Margita Šoštarić9-3042
13 Apr11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
13 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
19 Apr10.15-12.00Seminar: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski9-3042
20 Apr11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
20 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar: Stefan Eriksson. 9-3042
27 Apr11:00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
27 Apr13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
4 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Miryam de Lhoneux, Colorless green recurrent networks dream hierarchically9-2029
4 May13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
11 May13.15-15.00Kristi himmelsfärd9-3042
18 May11:00-12.00Reading group: Zhengxian Gong, Document Context Neural Machine Translation with Memory Networks9-2029
18 May13.15-15.00Seminar: Ildiko Pilán 9-3042
25 May11:00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
25 May13.15-15.00Seminar: Håvard Hegre 9-3042
1 June11:00-12.00Group meeting9-2029
1 June13.15-15.00Seminar: Dan Zeman 9-3042
8 JunWorkshop (Yan Shao)
9 JunPhD defence (Yan Shao)
11 Jun13.15-15.00Seminar: Miryam de Lhoneux9-3042

Autumn 2017

Date    Time           ProgramRoom  
1 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
1 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Reports from conferences and summer schools9-3042
8 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
8 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
15 Sep11.00-12.00Reading Group, Marie Dubremetz An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP9-2029
15 Sep13.15-15.00Michelle Waldispühl: Language internal and external factors for spelling variation in historical writing9-3042
22 Sep11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
22 Sep13.15-15.00Sharid Loaiciga: What is it? Disambiguating the different readings of the pronoun ‘it’9-3042
29 Sep11.00-12.00(Styrelse) 9-2029
29 Sep13.15-15.00Seminar: Yan Shao9-3042
6 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Yan Shao: Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention9-2029
6 Oct13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
13 Oct11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
13 Oct13.15-15.00Matteo Magnani: Structural analysis of online text networks3-0012
20 Oct11.00-12.00Reading Group, Gongb Tang: Attention Is All You Need 9-2029
20 Oct13.15-15.00Dave Zachariah: Learning sparse feature models with confidence9-3042
27 Oct11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
27 Oct13.15-15.00Gongbo Tang and Yan Shao: Chinese Separable Words in SMT 9-3042
3 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
3 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042
10 Nov11.00-12.00Reading Group, Ali Basirat: Information-Theory Interpretation of the Skip-Gram Negative-Sampling Objective Function9-2029
10 Nov13.15-15.00Seminar: Lasse Mårtensson and Fredrik Wahlberg9-3042
17 Nov11.00-12.00Group Meeting9-2029
17 Nov13.15-15.00Gongbo Tang: Recent advances in NMT and applying NMT models to spelling normalization task9-3042
24 Nov11.00-12.00(Styrelse)9-2029
24 Nov13.15-15.00Julia Udden: Incremental parsing of dependency grammar in the human brain: or 'how should we characterize sentence complexity’? 9-3042
1 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group, Miryam de Lhoneux Johannes Bjerva and Isabelle Augenstein.(2017). Tracking Typological Traits of Uralic Languages in Distributed Language Representations.9-2029
1 Dec13.15-15.00Linda Andersson: The Essence of Patent Text Mining 9-3042
6 Dec10.15-12.00Seminar: Carlos Ramisch9-1016
8 Dec10.15-12.00Seminar: Hannah Rohde9-3042
8 Dec13.15-15.00Karl Berglund, Thesis defence: Mordens marknad. Litteratursociologiska studier i det tidiga 2000-talets svenska kriminallitteratur (in Swedish)6-1023
15 Dec11.00-12.00Reading Group canceled! 9-2029
15 Dec13.15-15.00Seminar9-3042