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About PWA

The PLUG Word Aligner (PWA) is a collection of tools for the automatic alignment of word correspondences in bilingual parallel texts. The system integrates a set of modules for knowledge-lite approaches to word alignment, with various possibilities to change configuration and to adapt the system to other language pairs and text types. The system requires sentence aligned bitexts as its input and produces a list of word and phrase correspondences in the text (link instances) and an additional bilingual lexicon from these instances (type links).

PWA comprises 2 word alignment systems, the Linköping Word Aligner (LWA) and the Uppsala Word Aligner (UWA). Both system were developed within the the co-operative project on parallel text, PLUG, that was carried out between November, 1997 and March, 2000. The system was developed at the Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University, Linköping/Sweden and the Department of Linguistics at Uppsala University, Uppsala/Sweden. PWA integrates both systems in the modular corpus toolbox Uplug and includes additional tools for the automatic generation of monolingual word collocations (phrases) and for the automated evaluation of alignment results (the PLUG Scorer - PLS).


PWA is available to the research community according to this licence.
PWA is available as binary distribution for the following operating systems Have a look at the list of F.A.Q. (under construction) or at the online documentation! The documentation includes sections about installing and running PWA.

PWA is implemented in Perl and Perl/Tk and requires quite a lot resources from your system. Make sure to have at least 20 MB space available on your harddisk before installing PWA-demo. The complete installation requires about 12 MB (both on Windows and on Linux). The system requires a minimum of 32 MB internal memory (RAM) for running the alignment. However, 64 MB of RAM or more are strongly recommended.


PWA documentation is available in several formats: A Troubleshooting Guide and a list of F.A.Q.s are planned. Please be patient and check this page again!

Example alignments

Example links were produced from the declarations of the Swedish government (Swedish/English bitext).
source target type system

Screen shots


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