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This directory contains style files for submissions (in all tracks) to HistoCrypt 2018, the International Conference on Historical Cryptology.

All submissions must follow the format described (and exemplified) in the style guide available as histocrypt2018.pdf.

The recommended method of preparing submissions is by using the LaTeX and BibTeX typesetting environment. These tools are available free of charge for all major operating systems, i.e. Linux, MacOS, and MS Windows; in many cases, LaTeX and BibTeX should be pre-installed. For general background, please see: and

For HistoCrypt 2018, the archive provides a complete starter kit.

For authors who cannot use LaTeX, templates are available for MS Word: histocrypt2018.doc.

The Program Committee has sought to make both versions of the HistoCrypt 2018 templates parallel as much as possible. When in doubt, please consult the PDF version of the style guide (which is generated from LaTeX).