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The English-Swedish-Turkish Corpus

Financed by
The Swedish Research Council and the Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University

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Project description

The main goal of the project is to promote research and teaching in the Turkish language. More specifically, the aim is to build a language resource for Turkish, Swedish and English allowing contrastive studies between the involved languages. The language resource consists of linguistically analyzed parallel texts that are linked to each other in the three languages.

The corpus consists of original texts and their translations from Turkish to Swedish and English, and from Swedish and English to Turkish. The corpus is organized as a parallel corpus, where the texts, paragraphs, sentences and words are linked to each other. The corpus is built semi-automatically by using a basic language resource kit (BLARK) for the particular languages. The texts are linguistically analyzed with morphological features and part-of-speech as well as with dependency structures.

The parallel corpus is intended to be used in research, teaching and applications such as machine translation.


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Beáta B. Megyesi
Éva Á Csató Johanson
Bengt Dahlqvist
Joakim Nivre
Eva Pettersson


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October 8, 2009.

Poster presentation shown in the exhibition to the honour of 2006 Nobel literature laureate Orhan Pamuk.
13 December 2006 [.pdf]

Invited guest lecture by prof. Kemal Oflazer, Sabancı University, Turkey: The design and implementation of a pronunciation lexicon for Turkish
5 May 2006

Minisymposium on Computational aspects of building an annotated Swedish-Turkish parallel corpus"
4 May 2006 10:15-16.00

Invited guest lecture by Dr. G.J. van Schaaik, Department of Arabic, Persian and Turkish Languages and Cultures (TCMO), Leiden University: Information Technology & Teaching Turkish
31 March 2006 10:15-12:00