Inst. f linguistics and Philology Teacher: Evelina Andersson
Uppsala universitet
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Language Technology and Computational Linguistics


Programming for Language Technologists II Autumn 2012


Preliminary schedule

Date Time Room Content Reading
2012-09-05 Wednesday 10-12 Turing Introduction,
inheritance and
super- and subclasses
Previous course
Eck. 5.5.1 - 5.5.3
2012-09-10 Monday 10-12 Turing Stacks, interfaces, queues and generics Slides
Eck. 5.7.1
Eck. 9.2 - 9.3
2012-09-10 Monday 13-15 Chomsky Lab session Assignment 1 (Swedish)
Assignment 1 (English)
2012-09-13 Thursday 10-12 Turing Iterators,
double linked lists
and packages
Eck. 10.1.5
2012-09-19 Wednesday 10-12 Turing Regular expressions,
hash tables and
two dimensional arrays
Eck 7.5
Eck. 10.3
2012-09-19 Wednesday 13-15 Chomsky Lab session Assignment 2 (Swedish)
Assignment 2 (English)
2012-10-01 Monday 10-12 Turing Three dimensional arrays,
search algorithms and search trees
Eck. 7.4
Eck. 9.4
Eck. 10.1.6
2012-10-01 Monday 13-15 Chomsky Lab session Assignment 3 (Swedish)
Assignment 3 (English)
2012-10-09 Tuesday 10-12 Turing Sorting algorithms Slides
Eck. 7.4
2012-10-18 Thursday 15-17 Chomsky Lab session Assignment 4 (Swedish)
Assignment 4 (English)
2012-10-22 Monday 10-12 Turing Questions and
example exams
Exam 1(Swedish)
Exam 1(English)
Exam 1 - solutions(Swedish)
Exam 1 - solutions(English)

Exam 2(Swedish)
Exam 2(English)
Exam 2 - solutions(Swedish)
Exam 2 - solutions(English)

Exam 3(Swedish)
Exam 3(English)
2012-10-24 Wednesday 09:00-13:00 Turing EXAM
2012-10-31 Wednesday 10-12 Chomsky Tutorial
2012-11-09 Friday 23:59 DEADLINE 1 All assignments
2012-11-29 Thursday 09:00-13:00 Turing RE-EXAM
2012-12-07 Friday 23:59 DEADLINE 2 All assignments

Links to previous course sessions (in Swedish)

Programming for Language Technologists II HT2011
Programming for Language Technologists II HT2010
Programming for Language Technologists II HT2009

Outcomes (from the syllabus) with reading instructions

In order to complete the course the student should at least be able to explain the following concepts and write Java programs that exemplify and take advantage of them:


The course is examined by the means:


In order to pass the course the student must pass the exam and all the assignments.

Pass with distinction(VG)

In order to pass the course with distinction, the student must pass the exam, all the assignments and fulfill at least one of these requirements:


Eck, David J. Introduction to Programming Using Java . 6th edition [ html ] (selection of materials).

The book is available in PDF and as a web version. Since the book contains 700 pages, I strongly discourage you from printing the book, instead you can buy the book through the print-on-demand from lulu.com [ html ].

Options literature (in Swedish)

Holm, Per. Objektorienterad programmering och Java. Studentlitteratur.

Skansholm, Jan. Java direkt med Swing. Studentlitteratur.

Supplementary material


Googling: The programming problems you are having are probably the same problems others have had and discussed, so googling a lot!!!

Documentation of standard classes: Java Platform SE 6 API. [ html ]

Tutorials: On Sun's website, there is a lot of material about Java in English: