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Fabienne Cap

Researcher in Computational Linguistics

Dr. Fabienne Cap (née Fritzinger)
NLP group
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Uppsala University
Box 635, SE-75126 Uppsala
Room: 9-2041
Tel: +46 18 471 1414
E-mail: firstname.lastname@lingfil.uu.se


As of January 2018, I have left Uppsala University and do now work at Artificial Solutions. Please use my Linkedin-Profile to get in touch with me.


My research at Uppsala University for which I closely collaborate with the University of Stuttgart and LMU Munich
is funded by a VINNMER Marie Curie Incoming Grant. This grant is part of VINNOVAs Mobility for Growth programme
and covers half of my salary for three years (01. December 2015 - 30. November 2018).
My project is called TYDLIGT (Techniques Yielding Discourse Level Improvements in German Translation),
details can be found here.

Before joining Uppsala University, I did my PhD on morphological processing of compounds for statistical machine
translation at IMS, University of Stuttgart, from where I even hold a master's degree in computational linguistics.

Besides morphological processing for SMT, my research interests include multiword expressions, compounding
and distributional semantics.


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