DReaM: The Dictionary/Grammar Reading Machine: Computational Tools for Accessing the World's Linguistic Heritage 2018-2020

The DReaM Project is a JPICH Digital Heritage-funded project.

Project Members

Associate Partners APs

Work Packages

Work PackageDescriptionResponsibility
WP1.1 document scanning Harald Hammarström and Søren Wichmann
WP1.2 OCR and OCR postcorrection Søren Wichmann and Shafqat Virk
WP1.3 importing data to corpus infrastructures Systems Developer (N. N.)
WP2.1 digitization of dictionaries Guillaume Segerer and PhD Student (N. N.)
WP2.2 web interface for digital dictionaries Guillaume Segerer and PhD Student (N. N.)
WP2.3 dictionary App development Guillaume Segerer and Rémy Bonnet
WP2.4 surveys and evaluation PhD Student (N.N.)
WP3.1 linguistic Information Extraction Søren Wichmann, Shafqat Virk and Harald Hammarström
WP3.2 language Factoid Database Søren Wichmann, Shafqat Virk and Harald Hammarström
WP3.3 presentation of results Harald Hammarström, Marian Klamer and Stéphane Robert

Project Publications (so far, mid-2019)

Aslam, Muhammad Irfan. (2019) Semantic frame based automatic extraction of typological information from descriptive grammars. University of Skövde MA thesis.
Foster, Daniel. (2019) Automatic Frame-Semantic Parsing for Linguistic Descriptions: Extracting typological linguistic information from unstructured text. University of Gothenburg MA thesis.
Hammarström, Harald, Shafqat Virk & Markus Forsberg. (2019) Text Mining on Grammatical Descriptions of the Languages of the World. Presentation at the Infrastructural Tensions workshop, Uppsala, 29-30 Aug 2019.
Hammarström, Harald. (2019) ¿Cuál es la gramática mas extensa? Ideas computacionales para medir la cantidad de una descripción gramatical de una lengua. Presentation at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú, 9 May 2019, Lima.
Virk, Shafqat Mumtaz, Azam Sheikh Muhammad, Lars Borin, Muhammad Irfan Aslam, Saania Iqbal & Nazia Khurram. (2019) Exploiting Frame-Semantics and Frame-Semantic Parsing for Automatic Extraction of Typological Information from Descriptive Grammars of Natural Languages. In Proceedings of RANLP 2019. [No publisher stated].
Virk, Shafqat, Lars Borin, Per Malm, Anju Saxena, Markus Forsberg, Harald Hammarström, M. Azam & M. Irfan. (2019) LingFN: a FrameNet for the Linguistics Domain. Presentation at the CLT Retreat, 8 May 2019.
Virk, Shafqat, Per Malm, Lars Borin & Anju Saxena. (2019) LingFN: A FrameNet for the Linguistics Domain. In Proceedings of CICLing 2019. [No publisher stated].
Wichmann, Søren, Harald Hammarström & Shafqat Virk. (2019) Information extraction of linguistic typological information from grammatical descriptions. Presentation at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 4 Nov 2019.
Wichmann, Søren & Taraka Rama. (2019) Towards unsupervised extraction of linguistic typological features from language descriptions. First Workshop on Typology for Polyglot NLP, Florence, Aug. 1, 2019 (Co-located with ACL, July 28-Aug. 2, 2019).
Wichmann, Søren. (2017) The DReaM Project: A dictionary/grammar reading machine. Presentation at the Kazan University philological faculty.


Bibliography of relevant publications (from 2017)

A .bib file of this is here.

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