With the great Africanist Pascal Boyeldieu in Berlin (2010).

With fieldworker extraordinaire Mark Donohue (mid, top) and others in Manokwari (2010).

The great typologist Bernard Comrie explains fingercounting (2005).

With the charming Nick Evans near Mansinam Island (2010).

With Muhamed Humayoun, the pride of Punjabi computational linguistics, at his wedding (Lahore 2008).

With Tom Güldemann and Jeff Good in Leipzig (2007).

With the future of South American linguistics: Lev Michael and Ana Vilacy and Luca Ciucci in Nijmegen (2010).

With Devdatt "Grälsjuk" Dubhashi and Alejandro Russo in Gothenburg (2006).

With Hongkai Sun, legendary fieldworker and entrepreneur to document China's minority languages in Jakutsk (2014).

With Marcel Diki-Kidiri, Central African Republic's most prominent linguist.

With Torben Andersen, the world's most underrated African linguist (in Cologne 2013).

With Helene Fatima Idriss, Sweden's sociolinguistic envoy to Sudan in Khartoum (2011).

Chadicists behold! With Paul Newman, Herrmann Jungraithmayr and Phil Jaggar in Bayreuth 2011.

With Jean-Christophe Verstraete, Belgium's finest on Australian languages.

With Lyle Campbell, Americanist and comparativist in Tokyo (2010).

With Volker and an angry Nikolaus Himmelmann on the ground in Manokwari, Papua (2010).

With Steve Levinson, the Godfather.

With Mandana Seyfeddinipour, the matriarch of ELDP (in Brazil 2013).

With Hein van der Voort who saved Rondonia's isolates from oblivion.

With Jim Matisoff, veteran but still dominant Tibeto-Burmanist (in Leipzig 2013).

Having a beer with Rik van Gijn, beer and Yuracare connaisseur.

Figuring out what the point is with Johanna Nichols.

Explaining tone to Larry Hyman in Berkeley (2011).

With Alexander Vovin, thanks to whom Altaic is sleeping with the fishes.

With Martha Ratliff, first class Hmong-Mien specialist!

With Roger Blench, world ethnographer, collector and eternal champion of endangered languages in Lyon (2010).

With Edward Elderkin and Bonny Sands, two generations of Khoisanists.

With Laurie Reid who knows everything worth knowing about Philippine languages.

With Scott DeLancey, the Tibeto-Burmanist you want to be (with respect to knowledge and hair).

With Bernard Sellato, expert on Punan/Penan languages and ethnography.

With Bob Blust, the terrier Austronesianist!

With Spike Gildea, an atom bomb of positive energy.

With Marianne Mithun, the alma mater of modern North American language description, in Lima.

With Benjamin Fägerlind, a young but promising thinker (and wrestler) in Stockholm (2010).