Welcome to the online chiasmus detector

Use the default text as example (Sherlock Holmes anthology)
Output XML version (more technical but more steady)

The detector will send you an email with its containing chiasmi.

In the upper boxes, write your email and write a title for instance "Sherlock"
In the lowest box paste the content of the text you want to explore, for instance Sherlock Holmes novels (or you can just tick the checkbox and use Sherlock Holmes Anthology)
The machine will send you an email containing your chiasmi ranked by level of relevance.

If you use this tool for your work/research, cite: Dubremetz, Marie and Nivre, Joakim (2015). Rhetorical Figure Detection: the Case of Chiasmus In Computational Linguistics for Literature (CLFL 2015). Denver, United-States. [PDF], [Bibtex], [Slides]

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