There should be my photo here

I am a Computational Linguist. I recently obtained my PhD at Uppsala University in the Computational Linguistics group. I am now a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen. This website will be updated and probably migrated soon.

As my research field might suggest, I am a language nerd as well as a computer nerd. I have always been fascinated by languages but it is more recently that I joined the nerd side[*]. It is my passion for language that led me to this exciting field but I found computer science a useful and fun tool which will most probably make me stick around in the field. I talk more about my research projects in the research section.

When I'm not busy doing research or coding, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family (around a home cooked meal, a good beer in a pub etc.). I also enjoy playing the guitar and football, preferably at the same time. On week-ends and holidays I find that there's nothing like a good walk or hike. I am a mountain enthusiast.

[*] I was told there would be pie...