Getting in touch

How to reach me

I try to be available on working days (Mon-Fri) between about 9h and 18h (CET).

If we are colleagues, the fastest way to reach me is usually via slack. I prefer to be reached via slack for fast questions and by email for things that need more careful consideration. This is because I pin emails that need action from me.

I try to check emails about twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon. I have three professional email addresses from my three affiliations and check all of them. I have a purely cosmetic preference for the Copenhagen one but which one you write to should not make a difference as to how fast I reply. I tend to avoid out-of-office auto-replies so if I take more than a few days to reply, it likely means that I am on holiday. I usually warn direct colleagues and collaborators of holidays. If you don’t hear from me for more than 3 weeks, it is likely that I missed your email, it may have landed in my spam. It is also possible that I ignored your email. I do that only if I feel like the email is either clear spam or I feel that the email is generic and not directly addressed to me, for example if it is very vague (e.g. ‘I am interested in deep learning’).

If you have an urgent matter and cannot reach me through these professional channels, you can likely reach me more easily through social media channels or my personal email (which I try my best not to disclose :)).

Need help with something?

I believe the world is a highly unequal place and I recognize that I grew up privileged. I believe that we would all benefit from increased diversity in our field and I want to do my part in making this happen. What I feel I can do at this stage in my career is to give some of my time. Therefore, if you are from any kind of underrepresented group in NLP/ML and think that I could help you in some way (for example, proofreading a grad school application or a paper), feel free to reach out. I cannot guarantee that I will have the time but I can also try to connect you to people who do.