current and past teaching and supervision


Autumn 2021

Invited lecture about Syntactic Parsing in the NLP course at KU Leuven. [slides]

Autumn 2020

Co-teaching a master’s course at the University of Copenhagen: Advanced topics in Natural Language Processing.


Co-teaching a master’s course at Uppsala University: Natural Language Processing.

Autumn 2017:

Gave a lecture and was responsible for seminars in a BA/MA course at Uppsala University: Syntactic Parsing
Lecture slides, title: Advanced lecture on dependency parsing: dynamic oracles and online reordering.



Master’s theses

  • Allison Adams (co-supervision): Dependency Parsing and Dialogue Systems [pdf]. Master’s thesis. 2017.
  • Feiruoza Paerhati: The Impact of Morphological Features on Dependency Parsing of Low-Resource Languages with Multilingual Models [abstract]. Master’s thesis. 2019.
  • Johannes Gontrum: Attention Mechanisms for Transition-based Dependency Parsing [pdf]. Master’s thesis. 2019.
  • Wenwen Zhang: Neural Dependency Parsing of Low-resource Languages: A Case Study on Marathi [pdf]. Master’s thesis. 2022.
  • Laura JanuleviÄŤiĹ«tÄ—: Assessing BERT-Style Models’ Abilities to Learn the Number of a Subject [pdf]. Master’s thesis. 2022.