NLP Presentations (January 11, 16-0041)

8:15 Introduction
Session 1: Linguistics, Historical Text and Speech
8:30 Natalia: NLP and Linguistic Typology
8:40 Adam: Morphologically Rich Languages
8:50 Ingrid: Transliteration of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
9:00 Raphaela: NLP for Medieval Swedish
9:10 Fleur: Backchanneling in Dialogue Systems
9:20 Drew: Automatic Speech Recognition for Low-Resource Languages
Session 2: Question Answering, Information Retrieval and Summarization
10:00 Xiajing: Question Answering
10:10 Aida: Question Answering
10:20 Eva: Question Answering
10:30 Luise: Query Expansion for Information Retrieval
10:40 Jack: Event Extraction
10:50 Rizal: Topic Summarisation
Session 3: Sentiment Analysis
11:30 Elsa: Sentiment Analysis
11:40 Shorouq: Sentiment Analysis
11:50 Renfei: Sentiment Analysis
12:00 Ugo: Sentiment Analysis
12:10 Jun: Sentiment Analysis
Session 4: Machine Translation and Multiliguality
13:30 Marsida: Machine Translation
13:40 Rex: Machine Translation
13:50 Camilla: Neural Machine Translation
14:00 Ivan: Machine Translation of Slavic Languages
14:10 Hartger: Multilingual Word Embeddings
Session 5: NLP Applications and Techniques
15:00 Xuemei: Automated Essay Scoring
15:10 Giuseppe: POS Tagging of Language Learner Text
15:20 Shifei: Language and Censorship
15:30 Tiantian: Coreference Resolution
15:40 Li-Hsin: Biomedical Text Mining