Download Penn2Malt 0.2

User Guide for Penn2Malt 0.2

To run Penn2Malt you need the Java VM (tested for JRE 1.4.1).

Usage: java -jar Penn2Malt.jar <penn file> <head rules> <deprel> <punctuation> <penn|chtb> [tagging file]


The following is an example of how the program can be used:

java -jar Penn2Malt.jar penn.23.1-2 headrules 3 2 penn penn.23.1-2.tagged

Running this command will convert the data in penn.23.1-2 using the head rules in headrules (which are the rules used by Yamada and Matsumoto 2003), using the hard-coded Malt mapping to insert dependency labels (option 3) and retaining all punctuation (option 2), while replacing the gold standard tags with tags taken from the file penn.23.1-2.tagged. The flag penn is needed to ensure that dependency rules are inferred using the rules for English and not for Chinese. (Head rules for converting the Penn Chinese Treebank, compiled by Yuan Ding at Penn for the purpose of machine translation, can be found in chn_headrules. Using this file together with <deprel> option 3 and the flag chtb will convert data from the Penn Chinese Treebank to dependency structures with the same dependency labels as for English.)

The program produces three output files:

The format of the output is Malt-TAB, and the filenames are automatically constructed from the input file name and the chosen options.