Criteria for the Particle tag (PL)

The Particle tag (PL) is not included in the SUC annotation system as described by Ejerhed et al. 1992, but it is included in the annotation of the SUC corpus. Criteria for the particles were circulated within the SUC project. These criteria state that the particle analysis should be applied in cases like the following:

Verb + X + Particle + Direct object, where X can be empty and maximally consists of an inverted subject noun phrase and an adverb phrase.

A typical sequence where the particle analysis should not be used, but instead the adverb analysis, is where a possible particle, ambiguous between preposition-particle-adverb or adverb-particle, occurs after an object noun phrase:

Verb + X + Direct object + AB.

Nouns, adjectives, etc. do not have the particle analysis as an alternative.