Syntactic Analysis (5LN455): Assignment 1


Write a short (max. one page) article about phrase structure parsing. The article should be targeted at an educated but non-specialist audience – think a student of linguistics with an interest in but not much previous knowledge of the application of computers to language.

You may structure your article around the following questions:

  • What is phrase structure parsing?
  • Why should one be interested in it?
  • How is phrase structure parsing done?

Your article should include the key phrases ambiguity and disambiguation, should mention the CKY algorithm as a particular example of an approach to phrase structure parsing, and should explain how this algorithm manages to compute the most probable parse tree efficiently, in spite of the fact that the number of possible parse trees is extremely large.

Your article can be based on the lectures and course books. You do not have to take the seminar articles into consideration for this assignment.


Report by sending a PDF document containing your name and your article to Sara.




This assignment was developed for 5LN455 by Marco Kuhlmann, 2011-2012.