Machine Translation, 7.5hp, VT 2016

Course codes: 5LN426 (bachelor) 5LN711 (master)
Course coordinator: Sara Stymne
Examiner: Mats Dahllöf
Teachers: Sara Stymne (SS), Aaron Smith (AS), Christian Hardmeier (CH), Fabienne Cap (FC), Guest lecturers from industry


Reading / Assignments
F 2016-03-30 10-12 6-K1031 Introduction (SS) Koehn 1; JM 25.1-2; Hutchins; CFMF
F 2016-03-30 14-16 6-K1031 MT evaluation (SS) Koehn 8; JM 25.9
F 2016-04-04 10-12 2-0076 MT in practice (Convertus) - guest lecture
L 2016-04-06 10-12 Chomsky MT in practice (AS) lab report 1
F 2016-04-11 10-12 2-0076 Introduction to SMT (FC) Koehn Ch 4, Ch 7, KK97
L 2016-04-13 10-12 Chomsky Word-based SMT (SS) lab report 2
L 2016-04-18 10-12 Chomsky Word-based SMT (SS) lab report 2
F 2016-04-18 14-16 2-1077 Machine translation at Semantix, a translation provider - guest lecture
F 2016-04-20 10-12 6-K1031 Parallel Corpora, Alignment (AS) Koehn 2-4, JT 3-4, KK97, KK99
L 2016-04-25 10-12 Chomsky Parallel corpora & alignment (AS) lab report 3
F 2016-04-27 10-12 2-0076 Phrase-based SMT (FC) Koehn Ch 5
L 2016-05-02 10-12 Chomsky Phrase-based SMT (AS) lab report 4
F 2016-05-04 10-12 6-K1031 Decoding (CH) Koehn Ch 6
L 2016-05-09 10-12 Chomsky Phrase-based SMT (AS) lab report 4
F 2016-05-11 10-12 2-0076 Tuning, Factored MT & MT for morphologically rich languages (SS, FC) Koehn 10.2, 11
F 2016-05-16 10-12 2-0076 Document-wide decoding & Neural MT (CH)
L 2016-05-18 10-12 Chomsky Document-wide decoding lab (AS) oral lab report 5
S 2016-05-23 10-12 2-0076 Master projects: Domains, LMs, alignment
S 2016-05-25 10-12 6-K1031 Master projects: Reordering, tree-based, compounds

F=lecture, L=lab, S=seminar.
During the seminars master students will present different topics not presented during the lectures. They are highly recommended for all students, both bachelors and masters. Chomsky = computer lab 9-2043. Turing = computer lab 9-2042

Course Evaluations

A mid-course evaluation was performed on paper during the lecture on April 27. A commented Summary is available.

The final course evaluation will be made at the end and after the course in studentportalen. It will be open May 25 to June 12.


Requirements for the Bachelor programme:
  • Fulfill all lab requirements and pass all lab assignments (by handing in the requested report or presenting during lab hours, as specified in the lab instructions). Labs are done in pairs of 2 students, and are not graded.
  • Fulfill the requirements for the individual assignments. These are done individually and are graded (G/VG/U). Your final grade will determined by this grade.
Requirements for the Master programme:
  • Fulfill all lab requirements of labs and pass all lab reports (by handing in the requested report or presenting during lab hours, as specified in the lab instructions). Labs are done in pairs of 2 students, and are not graded.
  • Perform a project on a specific topic in MT in a group of 3-4 students, with the folowing two parts:
  • Hand in an individual reflection report based on the project work
  • Your reflection report and the project work including the seminar presentation and the final report will be graded (VG/G/U), and your final grade will be based on both.


The labs are the same for bachelor and master students.

The labs should be performed in pairs of two students. You can choose a lab partner freely. When you have found a lab partner, sign up for the labs by emailing Sara and Aaron (first_name dot last_name at lingfil dot uu dot se). If you do not find a lab partner on your own, contact us, and we will set you up with someone else. You may not work on your own, and hand in labs on your own, unless there are special circumstances, and you have agreed on this beforehand with Sara and Aaron.

Lab Theme Deadline
Lab 1 Evaluation April 13
Lab 2 Word-based SMT April 26
Lab 3 Parallel corpora & alignment May 3
Lab 4 Phrase-based SMT May 17
Lab 5 Document-wide decoding May 18 during lab (or May 25 with a report)

If you failed to meet a lab deadline, there will be a final deadline for all labs on June 3.

Individual assignments (bachelor students)

Bachelor students also have to complete 3 individual assignments. The assignments will be graded (U/G/VG), and to receive VG on the course you will need to get a VG on at least two assignments.

Assignment Theme Deadline
Assignment 1 MT in general and evaluation May 10
Assignment 2a Select an article May 16
Assignment 2b Summarize an article June, 3
Assignment 3 Statistical MT June, 3


Additional material may be added later.

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