Syntactic Analysis - project

For the 7.5 hp parsing course you have do a project, equaivalent to 2.5 hp, or approximately 1.7 weeks of full time work.

The project can be done either individually or in pairs. If you wish to do the projects in pairs, it is your responsibility to find someone to work with. The scope of a pair project has to be larger than for an individual project.

The project has to be related to parsing, but you can choose the topic quite freely. It is recommended that you work on phrase-structure parsing, because of the timing of the course, but you can also work on dependency parsing, but it will probably require some individual study ahead of the schedule. Here are some tentative ideas for the project:

  • Evaluation project. Evaluate one or more parsers. Here you have to decide which language(s) you are interested in, what type of text domain, and what type of evaluation you will perform.
  • Implement a parser/parser component. One option is to use one or more of the VG tasks in assignment 1 as a starting point, and considerably extend it/them. Note that the project should not overlap with the VG task you might have done. You may also consider implementing Earley's algorithm. It is also possible to come up with another plan for implementing a parser or parser component.
  • Treebank transformations. Investigate the effect of different types of treebank transformations on parsing.
  • Feature engineering for dependency parsing. Investigate the effect of different types of features used for learning the best transitions in a dependency parser, for example MaltParser.
  • Extended literature survey of modern phrase structure and/or dependency parsing. Here you should investigate several state-of-the-art proposals for parsing, by reading several articles from recent years (approximately 2015--present).
  • Your own proposal

Project proposal and groups

Before starting the project you need to decide if you are working alone, or to find a peer to work with in a pair. You will then write a proejct proposal of around 1/2 A4-page, where you describe what you intend to do in your project.

The deadline for the project proposal is February 26. After you hand in your proposal, you will be assigned a supervisor.


The project should be reported in a final report (pdf) describing what you have done in your project and relating it to the parsing literature. If your project included implementation you should also hand in your code. If you have more than one code file, please zip them. Depending on the specific project the length and content of the report will vary. If you do a lot of implementation, the report can be shorter and contain fewer references than if you do a literature survey, for instance.

If you work in a pair, you will also have to present your work in a short informal meeting with your supervisor. Note that both persons in the pair should know and understand the full project, even if you divded the work between you to some extent.


  • Project proposal: February 26
  • Oral project report (for pairs): sign up for a time slot on March 22
  • Written project report: March 26
The proposal and report should be handed in through studentportalen.