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The code field should be the story code of a story. There are various ways to write story codes. You don't always have to use the variants preferred in the Inducks. Some other variants are converted automatically.


Known bugs: Only the original title, as listed in the Inducks, is searched - not translated titles.


The pages field can be filled in several ways.

Known bugs: Some stories in the database have a partial page indicated by +. All those pages are treated as if they are half a page, so with the search criterion >7.5 stories listed as having 7+ pages won't be found, even though some of them may actually have 73/4 pages for instance.

(This will probably never be fixed, as it will go away by itself as the exact page count is entered for more and more of those stories.)


A character that appears in the story. You can use full name (like Donald Duck), the official Inducks abbreviation (like DD) or often other parts of the name (like Donald). Case doesn't matter.

Known bugs:

Last updated October 11, 1999.

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