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Once Upon a Time in America

The original Italian title of this series is C'era una volta... in America.

The premise for the series is that there's always been an ancestor of Mickey Mouse around at important moments of American history - and less surprisingly one of Goofy's countless relatives too. De Vita's art is beautiful and the stories are more credible than the usual time travel stories, with the Mickey character being a contemporary, not today's Mickey. Even if there isn't any difference in personality.

They are all written by Giorgio Pezzin and the art is by Massimo De Vita except where noted.

  1. Topolino e il tesoro della Mayflower (the arrival of the Mayflower)
  2. Topolino e i trafficanti di Boston (the Boston Tea Party)
  3. Topolino e il grande cielo (Mickey as a mountain man)
  4. Intervista a George Washington (Mickey as a journalist interviewing George Washington)
  5. Topolino e il penultimo dei mohicani (the next-to-last mohican) (art by Silvia Ziche)
  6. Topolino e la bella del fiume (the invention of the steam river boat)
  7. Topolino e la battaglia di Alamo (art by Fabrizio Petrossi)
  8. Topolino e la via dell'Oregon
  9. Topolino e la febbre dell'oro

Last updated July 27, 1999.

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